Country Retreat

Land for Wildlife

With over sixty hectares of quality bush land designated as Land for Wildlife, Glenbrook has become a sanctuary for many species of native animals, birds and marine life. In addition there is a wide variety of native plants and fungi.
Special measures are taken to protect these by fencing off  farm animals, restricting human movement to specially developed tracks and being constantly vigilant in order to protect predation by cats and foxes.
Guests are encouraged to enjoy the natural pleasures of the bush by using the many mapped walking tracks and becoming acquainted with the natural harmony of the protected environment.

Quenda or Bandicoot
Quenda or Bandicoot
Acrobatic Western Ringtails
Ringtail Duo
Wildflowers at Glenbrook
Common Brushtail Possums
Common Brushtails
One of several fungi
Tiny Phascogale


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